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State Fair Book 2018

The 2018 State Fair book is uploaded to iGrow and you will find the direct link here: http://igrow.org/up/resources/01-4000-2018.pdf.  You will find many helpful resources from the State Fair page on iGrow here http://igrow.org/4h/south-dakota-4h/state-fair.

South Dakota 4-H Events & Deadlines

Check back here regularly for event dates and deadlines http://igrow.org/4h/south-dakota-4h/south-dakota-state-4-h-events-deadlines

South Dakota 4-H Leader Meeting News

We are going to begin placing a news summary of our regular SD 4-H Leaders Association Board Meeting on the website.  Here is the report from our February 24, 2018 meeting.

February 24, 2018 Meeting

SD 4-H T-Shirt Quilt Raffle

We are excited to have a raffle for a t-shirt quilt this year! We are very thankful to share the quilt in the picture which was made by Tonya Ford of Mitchell. We used t-shirts from styles that we have sold over the past six years.

Huge thank you to….

Tonya Ford – who donated her labor to make the quilt

Pincushion of Mitchell who donated the quilting

To purchase raffle tickets:
We will be making the raffle tickets available to county 4-H offices to sell.  Or you may use the Donate button below to purchase raffle tickets.  Raffle tickets are $5 each or 3 for $10.  The Donate button will allow you to pay with Paypal.  Enter the amount based on how many raffle tickets you would like to purchase.  Choose to submit your address with the transaction.  Once your payment is complete, an email is sent to sd4hleaders@santel.net confirming your purchase, and we will fill out your raffle tickets. We will also send an email confirmation.  If you do not hear from us, please email sd4hleaders@santel.net or call 605-796-4558.

Drawing will be held at the State 4-H Shoot in Pierre on Saturday, April 28th at 12:30. Proceeds from the quilt raffle will go towards 4-H youth programming.

Hidden Field Hidden Field

Camp Assistance - for 2018
The SD 4-H Leaders provide financial assistance scholarship to 4-H members who attend a 4-H camp, Performing Arts or TLC. The scholarship amount for 4-H Camp (Poinsett and Bob Marshall) is $25. The requirement for receiving the scholarship is that the camper needs to tell one group about camp. The application is due by December 31st.

The scholarship amount for Performing Arts or TLC Assistance is $50. The requirement for receiving the scholarship is that the 4-H'er needs to tell two groups about camp. The application is due by December 31st.

Camp Assistance Form 2018

Here is how the scholarship program works.

  • Step 1 – Register for the 2018 camp and pay the full camp fees.
  • Step 2 – Attend camp and have a great time!!
  • Step 3 – Tell a group about camp. For the $25 4-H Camp scholarship, tell one group. For the $50 TLC or Performing Arts Camp scholarship tell two groups.
  • Step 4 - Complete the camp assistance/scholarship application form with all signatures and submit to the SD 4-H Leaders. You will receive your scholarship money within 2 weeks of its receipt.

New T-Shirt Designs!!

We introduced 5 new t-shirt designs at the 2017 State Fair, and offer t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, tanks, hoodies, polos and jackets!!  Our t-shirt logo design contest brought in many entries and we chose 2 winning logos.  Our winning entries came from Kristan Kotas and Jackie Kessler. Congratulations!

Here are the new logos!  Just send us your order! See details for ordering on our t-shirt page. 

Kristan Kotas


 Jackie Kessler


 SD 4-H Leaders


SD 4-H Leaders


 SD 4-H Leaders


Exhibit Hall Fundraising

Kudos to so many of you for a tremendous job at fundraising, donations and support of the new Exhibit Hall!  How wonderful it was to use the building this year during the SD State Fair!

Currently, our new overall State Fair Foundation campaign total is over $4.37 million towards the $4.7 million goal!  We encourage you to continue your efforts, and if you have not made a commitment, respectfully ask that you work towards that.

   From the SD State Fair Foundation page http://www.sdstatefairfoundation.com, you will find updated totals, Exhibit hall information including layout plans, a campaign booklet link, and the link to the "red brochure" that includes the donation/brick form
     Here is more information:
                4-H Division Bricks
                Bricks Info Sheet

SD 4-H is on Facebook!!

Click here to find SD 4-H on Facebook and find the latest information revolving around 4-H activities in SD.

here to find SD 4-H Leaders Association on Facebook!

Rural Youth Loan Program

Here is information about the Rural Youth Loan Program available to 4-H members.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) makes operating loans of up to $5,000 to eligible individual rural youths age 10 through 20 to finance income-producing, agriculture-related projects.  The project must be of modest size, educational, and initiated, developed and carried out by rural youths participating in 4-H clubs, FFA, or a similar organization.  For more information, leaders should contact their local FSA Office or visit http://www.fsa.usda.gov.


A one page fact sheet is available at:  http://www.fsa.usda.gov/Internet/FSA_File/loanyouth.pdf.

Farm Credit has a similar program available for youth loans!  You will find information on their website http://www.myaglender.com/youth-loans_5152_ct.aspx

Visitors to 4-H Leaders Page:

 Our Purpose!

1. To serve as the official, non-profit organization for the 4-H leaders of South Dakota.

2. To establish and promote a mutually helpful exchange of information on 4-H educational programs.

3. To help in enlarging the field of 4-H.

4. To cooperate with SDSU Extension in sponsoring, promoting, and conducting educational programs and projects to meet the needs and interests of youth in South Dakota.

 5. To work in cooperation with SDSU Extension personnel to ensure that 4-H events & activities have adequate leadership and support.

 6. To encourage a uniform high standard of excellence in 4-H educational programs and events.

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