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SD 4-H: What's the Deal with the Purple/Blue/Red/White Ribbon?

One of the goals of your SD 4-H Leaders Association is better communication, both in sharing information, as well as in helping to understand changes. So here’s to kicking off the New Year with steps towards that goal.

This past summer we were introduced to the concept of our 4-Her’s not needing to get a purple ribbon on their exhibit in order to take it to State Fair. This was truly a big change for us to think about - to adjust to – to understand…

So let’s work hard to understand this change and ponder the opportunities that it provides to our 4-H members. As with many changes, the first step is for us to consciously make a decision to focus on the positives, the pros, the benefits, the potential.

In this story and more coming, we will focus on sharing success stories of this change. Please take some time to ponder these stories and really consider what it offers for youth development and learning for our 4-H members. The key is that we are always focused on teaching and learning

4-H empowers youth to reach their full potential, working and learning in partnership with caring adults.

The first example to share is in public speaking.
Scenario in 2014 – A 4-H member enters the county public speaking contest for the first time as a beginner. He does very well with his illustrated talk, but misses a purple ribbon by 2 points. The judges give him suggestions on what needs to be improved, but since he can’t take the talk to the State Fair, he sets it aside and doesn’t think about public speaking for another year. By this time, he doesn’t remember what he was told needed to be improved. Lost opportunity for youth development.
Same scenario in 2015…4-H member receives a blue, but has opportunity to take it to State Fair. He knows what needs to be done to improve the talk to purple ribbon level. He can implement the suggestions and practice so that he is ready for a purple ribbon talk. Opportunity for learning and youth development to be put into action, to build 4-H member to full potential.

Second example – Beef
Scenario in 2014 – 4-H members exhibit beef cattle – commercial heifers they pull from their herd. They work hard with their heifers, but they are not purple ribbon level cattle. County has a livestock judge that does not give all purples. Heifers receive blue ribbons and they cannot go to State Fair – project ends for the year.
Scenario in 2015 – 4-H members exhibit beef cattle - commercial heifers they pull from their herd. They work hard with their heifers, but they are not purple ribbon level cattle. Heifers receive a blue ribbon. 4-H members have option to take heifers to State Fair, which they do. State Fair experience helps the entire family to understand what they have been missing, talk to other beef exhibitors during the week, and learn about what they need to do to have purple ribbon quality beef. They go home determined to take the steps needed to pick out quality calves, and feed them correctly to have them ready for a purple ribbon at the county level in 2016. Opportunity to reach full potential.

Third example – Foods & Nutrition – Breads
Scenario in 2014 – 4-H member loves to bake and makes banana quick bread. Banana bread is not fully baked and he receives a white ribbon at county. Judge explains what he needs to do to make sure bread is fully baked, but project is done – disappointed kid – doesn’t think about baking for a few months and forgets what judge told him.
Scenario in 2015 – 4-H member makes banana quick bread. Banana bread is not fully baked and he receives a white. Judge at county explains what he needs to do to make sure that banana bread is fully baked, and encourages 4-H member to try again and take bread to State Fair. 4-H member goes home and practices making banana bread, using the knowledge he just gained. He takes the bread to State Fair and gets a purple. Opportunity to teach 4-H member put into direct action, encouraging him to reach his full potential.

Please stop and reflect on what opportunities were opened or might be opened for your 4-H members. More to come…

4-H Youth Photo Exhibits Featured in 2016 South Dakota Calendar

4-Hers who enter photography exhibits at the South Dakota State Fair have the opportunity to be featured in the annual South Dakota 4-H Calendar.  Photos featured are selected as Judge’s Choice and Honorable Mention winners during the judging process at the South Dakota State Fair. 

The 2016 calendar includes images from 48 4-H youth, ages 8 to 18 from 34 different South Dakota counties. Judge’s Choice photos were awarded to: Bailey Bosworth, Aurora County; Jonathan Koel, Beadle County; Mason Stahly, Beadle; Rachel Sestak, Bon Homme County; Easton Overbo, Brookings County; Emily Nold, Brookings County; Rachel Erk, Butte/Lawrence County; Emily Rolfes, Clay County; Callie Flemming, Codington County; Marissa Holinka, Codington County; Macey Schiley, Corson County; Jessica Woodward, Custer County; Tayne Dunse, Day County; Zikia Fleming, Fall River County; Beth Goodhart, Grant County; Mattilyn Reiner, Hutchinson County; Jessica Roghair, Jones County; Autumn Wilkinson, Kingsbury County; Dylan Hyronimus, Lincoln County; Ella Stiefvater, McCook County; Jacob Boomsma, Minnehaha County; Dilyn Brooks, Sanborn County; Dirby Bawek, Spink County; Abby Strasser, Turner County; and Heather Maier, Yankton County. 

Honorable Mention photos which will also be featured in the calendar were awarded to: Mason Stahly, Beadle County; Mitchell Schmidt, Clark County; Nicolette Schmidt, Clark County; Hannah Comes, Codington County; Mercy Healy, Davison County; Ava Breske, Day County; Noah Mursu, Grant County; Kiera Leddy, Grant County; Sydney Jessen, Hand County; Skyler Haiar, Hanson County; Kayla Neugebauer, Hutchinson County; Sahara VanTassel, Lake County; Nicole Nelson, Lincoln County; Katelyn Vargas, Lincoln County; Ellie Feldhaus, Marshall County; Kodi Retzer Jayna Sanborn, McPherson County;, McPherson County; Kayla Kommes, Miner County; Tanner Eide, Potter County; Blaine Hill, Sully County; Zane Rohde, Tripp County; Mahli Strasser, Turner County; Marleigh Robinson, Union County; Colton Sackett, Union County; Heather Maier, Yankton County.

If you are interested in purchase a calendar for $5, please contact sd4hleaders@santel.net,


Leader Dues

Leader dues for 2015-2016 are $3 per leader if paid by December 31, 2015 or $4 per leader if paid after December 31.  Dues may be mailed to SD 4-H Leaders, c/o Paula Linke, Executive Secretary, 39833 233rd St, Woonsocket SD  57385.  Please include this completed worksheet with your check, and also email the worksheet to her at sd4hleaders@santel.net.  You should submit dues as a county.

New T-Shirt Designs!!
We introduced 5 new t-shirt designs at the State Fair!!!  Our t-shirt logo design contest brought in over 50 entries and we chose 4 winning logos.  Our winning entries came from Sarah Jarman, Jackie Kessler, and Gabrielle Fink. Congratulations!
Below are the new logos!  

Note that we offer different t-shirt styles.  The Gildan 8000 is the most universal, a unisex regular fit t-shirt with sizes that run very true, 50 cotton/50 polyester blend.  The Hanes 5680 is a women's cut, 100% cotton jersey knit - sizes running about 1 size small...if your normally wear a medium (like in the Gildan 8000), order a large in Hanes 5680. The Badger style shirts are a 100% polyester, moisture management, anti-microbial performance fabric (like dri-fit), with sizes that run pretty true. There is a men's style Badger 5100, and a women's style Badger 4162.  You will see examples on our t-shirt page.

See all designs available on our t-shirt page!


   Design submitted by Sarah Jarman.

   "Eat Sleep" logo.  Suggested t-shirt colors are dark gray, black, light pink or sapphire (a bright blue).

Design submitted by Gabrielle Fink.
  "Future" logo.  This logo comes in black, white or green.  Suggested t-shirt colors for the black logo are neon yellow (Badger shirt) or hot orange Gildan); for the white logo are 4-H green (Gildan) or hot pink (Gildan or Badger); and for the green logo are black, gray or white (Gildan).  


    Design submitted by Gabrielle Fink.

    "Project Areas" logo. This logo comes in white or green.  Suggested t-shirt colors for the green logo are white or gray.  Suggested t-shirt colors for the white logo are navy blue, purple, 4-H green, red or royal blue.

   Design submitted by Jackie Kessler.

   "Livin' Dream" logo.  Suggested t-shirt colors for this logo are hot pink (Gildan or Badger), hot orange, gray or white.


"SD 4-H" logo. This smaller size logo was designed specifically for putting on the left side of a black 1/4 zip pullover pictured on left.



Interested in receiving regular email updates from the SD 4-H Leader's Association?
We have an email listing of 4-H Leaders, staff, and other interested volunteers that we use for sending regular update emails about SD 4-H.  If you would like to be added to the list email sd4hleaders@santel.net to let us know!

Exhibit Hall Fundraising
Kudos to so many of you for a tremendous job at fundraising, donations and support of the new Exhibit Hall!  Currently, our new overall State Fair Foundation campaign total is over $4 million.  We encourage you to continue your efforts, and if you have not made a commitment, respectfully ask that you work towards that.

The new Exhibit Hall will be ready for State Fair 2016!!

  If you have any questions, need more information, need fundraising ideas, etc – please let us know.  We will meet our goal through a combined statewide team effort!  You are amazing – and we appreciate everything you do!  
   From the SD State Fair Foundation page http://www.sdstatefairfoundation.com, you will find updated totals, Exhibit hall information including layout plans, a campaign booklet link, and the link to the "red brochure" that includes the donation/brick form
     Here is more information:
                4-H Division Bricks
                Bricks Info Sheet

What's Happening in your County?
Please help us share ideas for events such as community service, project days, leadership development...check out what is happening across South Dakota!

4-H Livestock Sales

     We have a Livestock Sale page for posting 4-H Livestock sales.  Email us your information!

SD 4-H is on Facebook!!
here to find SD 4-H on Facebook and find the latest information revolving around 4-H activities in SD.

here to find SD 4-H Leaders Association on Facebook!

Rural Youth Loan Program

Here is information about the Rural Youth Loan Program available to 4-H members.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) makes operating loans of up to $5,000 to eligible individual rural youths age 10 through 20 to finance income-producing, agriculture-related projects.  The project must be of modest size, educational, and initiated, developed and carried out by rural youths participating in 4-H clubs, FFA, or a similar organization.  For more information, leaders should contact their local FSA Office or visit http://www.fsa.usda.gov.


A one page fact sheet is available at:  http://www.fsa.usda.gov/Internet/FSA_File/loanyouth.pdf.

Farm Credit has a similar program available for youth loans!  You will find information on their website http://www.myaglender.com/youth-loans_5152_ct.aspx

Let's Recognize Our Leaders and Share the Successes in our Counties:

We would like to recognize and celebrate our Leaders/Volunteers across the state through our website.  Please share your list of 4-H Leaders that you recognized this year, with their years of service…5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50-more?  Do you give out an award to someone for outstanding contributions to 4-H?  Other 4-H Leader awards?  Let us know.   Feel free to share pictures.  See our Awards!  

Visitors to 4-H Leaders Page:

 Our Purpose!

1. To serve as the official, non-profit organization for the 4-H leaders of South Dakota.

2. To establish and promote a mutually helpful exchange of information on 4-H educational programs.

3. To help in enlarging the field of 4-H.

4. To cooperate with SDSU Extension in sponsoring, promoting, and conducting educational programs and projects to meet the needs and interests of youth in South Dakota.

 5. To work in cooperation with SDSU Extension personnel to ensure that 4-H events & activities have adequate leadership and support.

 6. To encourage a uniform high standard of excellence in 4-H educational programs and events.


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