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 SD 4-H Leader's Association Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws
Updated March 2018
DistrictCounties in DistrictBoard MemberAlternate
N1McPherson, Edmunds, Brown
Marshall, Day
Amy Fischer (2nd term)
Past President
Kari Feldhaus
 43493 148th St 
  Webster SD  57274 
 Term Expires:  Spring 2018
Term extended 1 year as past president
Day County Marshall County
N2Beadle, Hand, SpinkMichelle Stuck (1st term)Jamie Johnson
  PO Box 6
Brentford SD  57429
17672 397th Ave
Frankfort SD  57440

 Term Expires:  Spring 2022Spink County
Spink County
N3Roberts, Grant, Hamlin
Codington, Deuel, Clark
Susan Karels (1st term)

15237 487th Ave
Big Stone City SD  57216
605-862-8676 (home)
605-237-0955 (mobile)
 Term Expires:  Spring 2020Grant County
N4Potter, Faulk, SullyCindy Jager (2nd term) 
 Hyde, Hughes, Stanley32646 SD Hwy 20 
  Tolstoy SD  57475
605-442-2418 (home)
605-769-0114 (mobile) 
 Term Expires: Spring 2019Potter County
S1Minnehaha, Turner, LincolnJackie McMartin (1st term)
  105 S Easter Ave
  Hartford SD  57033
  605-553-3331 (mobile) 
 Term Expires:  Spring 2021Turner County
S2Clay, Union, YanktonPaula Marshall (2nd term) Janelle O'Connor
  P.O. Box 52 
  Gayville, SD 57031 
  605-267-2887 (home)
 Term Expires: Spring 2019Yankton County
 Union County
S3Kingsbury, Brookings, MinerVicki Vining (1st term) Karen Lambert
 Lake, Moody, McCook PO Box 276
   Artesian SD  57314
 Term Expires:  Spring 2020
Miner County Miner County

Charles Mix, Douglas
Hutchinson, Bon Homme
Ben Kotalik (2nd term)
Vice President
Term Expires:  Spring 2021
Bon Homme County
S5Buffalo, Jerauld, SanbornSharon Jarding (2nd Term) Sara Jorgensen
 Brule, Aurora, Davison, Hanson42251 257th St 25197 398th Ave
  Alexandria SD  57311 Mitchell SD  57301
  605-239-4777 (home)
605-999-3869 (mobile)
 Term Expires:  Spring 2020Hanson County Davison County
W1Bennett, Custer, Fall River, HaakonLaurie Woodward (2nd term)
 Jackson, Pennington, Shannon
605-673-2818 (home)
605-673-7854 (mobile) 
 Term Expires:  Spring 2021Custer County
W2Butte, Harding, LawrenceMary Ellen Cammack (2nd term) 
 Meade, Perkins14720 Home Place 
  Sturgis SD  57786 
  605-347-4197 (home)
605-347-7976 (mobile) 
 Term Expires:  Spring 2019Meade County 
W3Jones, Lyman, MelletteDawn Covey (2nd term)
Donna Kubik
 Todd, Tripp, Gregory26063 319th Ave 
  Hamill, SD 57534Hamill, SD  57534
  605-842-3250 (home)
  605-840-1334 (mobile)
 Term Expires: Spring 2020Tripp County Tripp County


Corson, Campbell, Walworth
 Ziebach, Dewey

 Term Expires: Spring 2021
STATE DUESMail to:  
 Paula Linke, Executive Secretary 
 39833 233rd St 
 Woonsocket SD  57385 
 605-796-4558 (home)
605-350-2813 (mobile)
Leader Dues:$3.00/leader before December 31 of current year 
 $4.00/leader after December 31 of current year 
 Include Leader name, mailing address, email address, and years of service 
Association Board Terms per Constitution:
DistrictTerm EndingNext ElectionNext Cycle
N1, S1, W1, W4, S4All terms end on same year  Spring 2018Spring 2018 2018-2020
N2, S2, W2, N4All terms end on same year  Spring 2019Spring 2019 2019-2021
N3, S3, W3, S5All terms end on same year  Spring 2020Spring 2020 2020-2022

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