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SD 4-H Leaders Mini Grants Awarded for 2014

     Each year, the South Dakota 4-H Leaders Association awards Mini-Grants across the state to county or 4-H club projects.  The purpose of the 4-H Grants Program is to address youth needs at the local level.  The 4-H Leaders Association recognizes that the greatest impact of 4-H occurs at the local level, usually between youth and 4-H volunteers. 

     Criteria for awarding funds include potential for youth involvement in the planning and implementation of the project, impact on addressing youth issues at a local level through either a traditional or nontraditional setting, increasing life skill outcomes for youth, reaching expanded youth audiences, potential for transitioning new youth audiences into more “traditional” or ongoing 4-H programs, and consistency with present directions of statewide 4-H/youth development programs.

    This year we received 13 applications for mini grants and the competition was tough!  The following projects were chosen to receive a Mini Grant.
      Aurora County is planning “The Science Behind Fashion & Fragrance” and will
receive $200.  They plan to have an interactive afternoon where youth can learn
the chemistry behind a fragrance and will get hands on practice at perfume
making.  Youth will understand what makes an outfit look great and how to
choose clothing for different body types. They will take a popular project
area, Fashion Revue, and understand the science that makes it successful.

     In Buffalo County, the Bad Nation Rustlers 4-H Club will hold a “Learning to Bead & Sing” project day, and receives $120.  They plan to teach youth about the traditional songs & beadwork of Native Americans.  The club will have older community members teach beading & singing in Dakota, and youth will make a beadwork project for 4-H.

     Clay & Yankton Counties are teaming up to offer a Robotics Curriculum. They will receive $400  to help purchase a set of 4-H Junk Drawer Robotics curriculum and a Lego Mindstorm EV3 kit.  They will use the curriculum to encourage the use of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) concepts to educate and encourage youth to pursue these types of careers.  The program will be offered for 4-H members and in schools to include non-4-H members to teach robotics.  They plan to have a team compete at the State Fair.

    Codington County has partnered with Joy Ranch, a camp and retreat center outside Watertown, and will receive $200 for a Horticulture Project.  Joy Ranch
will provide an area for a garden plot.  4-H members will plant the garden and learn basics of gardening, as well as methods of canning, freezing & dehydrating, all while giving back to their community.  The food will be used to feed the Joy Ranch campers. 

    In McPherson County, a 4-H Project Day is planned where Jr. Leaders will co-teach the classes.  The county receives $200 for an event that will be open to
all youth, including non-4-H members.  Youth will make 3-4 hands-on-projects that may be exhibited at the local Achievement Days in the areas of Visual Arts, Engineering & Technology, and Home Environment.

     Expanding 4-H and promoting leadership skills through a “Robotics” program is
the goal in Potter County.  They will receive $200 to purchase Robotics
curriculum and supplies.  The project will be prepared and presented by a youth 4-H member who has already attended training.  The county plans to have a team compete at the State Fair.

       Sanborn County will promote Science, Math and Engineering through their “Let’s Build It” project.  With their $200 grant, they will have a project day that includes an electrical project where youth will build their own fixture and see how electricity work, as well as building and/or constructing a model to allow them to see what it takes to be an engineer.  They plan to utilize local science teachers to help teach.

     Forming a county Horse Quiz Bowl and Hippology Team is the goal for Turner
County with their $200 grant.  The team will include both members in the
horse project as well as opening doors to those who do not own horses to participate in the horse project.  They plan to prepare 1-2 teams to compete at the 2014 State Horse Show.

State Fair 2013 Photography Contest Winners 

The winners of the 2013 State Fair Photography contest for the 2014 4-H Calendar are as follows:  William Doering, Aurora County;   Katie McCoy, Butte/Lawrence County;   Spencer Skatvold, Clay County; Jocelyn Guenther, Codington County; Emily Wileym, Day County; Eric Puetz, Deuel County; Kassia Symstad, Fall River County; Sage Gabriel, Haakon County; Rylie Osthus, Kingsbury County (2); Amber Ogren, Marshall County; Autumn Cassen, Meade County; Randi Tivis, Meade County; Abby Connor, Miner County; Briar Feldhaus, Miner County; Paul Winker, Miner County; Aimee Glandt, Pennington County; Neva Howard, Pennington County; April Hamilton, Spink County; Hannah Schentzel, Spink County; Rachel Lovejoy, Tripp County; Mariah Heckathorn, Union County; and Kendra Thorstenson, Walworth County.

Honorable Mention went to Rachel Sestak, BonHomme County; Whitley Reder, Butte/Lawrence County (2); Jay Foster, Clark County; Marley Hanson, Clay County; Taylor Knudson, Codington County; Raina Perli, Custer County; Kansas Kroll, Day County; Nash Grantham, Hamlin County; Marissa Buechler, Hutchinson County; Nicole Inch, Jerauld/Buffalo County; Autumn Wilkinson, Kingsbury County; Kennedy Fast, Kingsbury County; Rynn Osthus, Kingsbury County; Samuel Tusha, McCook County; Kristen Erickson, Marshall County; Robert Roehr, Marshall County; Ryan Punt, Marshall County; Keegan Werkmeister, Miner County; Raylynn Laible, Miner County; Jenna Schweiss, Potter County; Alyssa Steward, Spink County; Sydney Hollenbeck, Tripp County; and Kendra Thorstenson, Walworth County.





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2. To establish and promote a mutually helpful exchange of information on 4-H educational programs.

3. To help in enlarging the field of 4-H.

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